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An Ecumenical Gnostic Rosary

This beautiful rosary, based on the Hymns of Hermes Trismegistus, forms a perfect prayer chaplet for Gnostics of all walks of life – whether Christian, Thelemic, Hermetic, or otherwise.  It was created by Michael Strojan, using an Anglican rosary.  Instead of “decades,” it is compose of “weeks,” divided into four sections, with larger beads dividing the weeks, and an invitatory bead above the cross.  This arrangement makes up a chaplet of 33 beads, corresponding to the number of years Jesus Christ spent on earth.  For more information, see Michael’s blog at the link above.

One could pray this chaplet just once; or, as Michael suggests, pray it three times, with the first round focusing on Gnosis (knowledge), the second on Pistis (faith/certainty), and the third on Sophia (wisdom).  However you prefer to use this chaplet, it will most certainly be a beautiful and powerful addition to your meditative prayer life!

Sign of the Cross

In the name of the + Unknown Father; in Truth, Mother of all; in union, and redemption, and sharing of the powers, peace to all on whom this name reposes. Amen.

The Invitatory

He is the God beyond all name – He the unmanifest, He the most manifest; He whom the mind alone can contemplate; He, visible unto the eyes as well. He is the One of no body, the One of many bodies; nay, rather, He of every body.

The Weeks

From Thee Thy Will; To Thee the All.

The Cruciforms

Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe.
Holy art Thou, whom Nature hath not formed.
Holy art Thou, The Vast and Mighty One.
Lord of the Light and of the Darkness.

The Hymn of Gnosis
(from the Triple Trisagion)

Accept my reason’s offerings pure, from soul and heart for aye stretched up to Thee, O Thou unutterable, unspeakable, Whose Name naught but the  Silence can express!

Give ear to me who pray that I may ne’er of Gnosis fail — Gnosis which is our common being’s nature — and fill me with Thy Power, and with this Grace of Thine, that I may give the Light to those in ignorance of the Race, my Brethren and Thy Sons!

For this cause I believe, and I bear witness. I go to Life and Light. Blessed art Thou, O Father. Thy Man would holy be as Thou art holy, even as Thou gavest him Thy full authority to be.

The Cross

Saved by Thy Power divine, let us rejoice that Thou hast shown Thyself to us in all Thy Fullness. Let us rejoice that Thou hast designed to consecrate us, still entombed in bodies, to Eternity. Amen.



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