Talk Gnosis Interview


Last Wednesday, I had a great time speaking with with Bishops +Ken Canterbury and +Lainie Petersen of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar, along with Fr. Tony Silvia+ of the Apostolic Johannite Church. If you don’t currently watch Talk Gnosis, I’d encourage you to subscribe to their YouTube channel — they do live YouTube episodes every Wednesday evening, followed up by their podcast Talk Gnosis After Dark. They touch on a wide variety of Gnostic topics from various different traditions, and I was honored to be able to speak with them about the Little Office and praying the hours, following their wonderful interview with my own bishop from the Ecclesia Gnostica, the Most Rev. +Stephan Hoeller.

My interview can be found here: Talk Gnosis After Dark

The Most Rev. +Stephan Hoeller’s interview is here: Talk Gnosis



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4 responses to “Talk Gnosis Interview

  1. Andrew

    You seem benign enough, especially from the “after dark” interview. Bombshell alert: you have a profile on a Pagan social network and have never renounced involvement in a large array of dark, Godless, Pagan, antithetical-to-Holiness, magickal and occult activities. You are unrepentant, and have not ceased to love the demons. You have not separated the Light from the Darkness, but have alchemized the two, according to personal taste and not the authority of the Church, into a murky confusion. You lean on your own understanding. Your spiritual life is unclean, your work questionable and contaminated. He never knew you.

    There could not be a graver contradiction in terms than Biblical faith and occult witchcraft. Watch:

    • Andrew, I do want to point out that rarely in the history of the world has anyone been able to convince anyone else of the validity of their own position by simply being rude and attacking the position of someone else.

      Perhaps if you chose to have a discussion and not be so abrasive, the rest of us wouldn’t perceive that you’re attempting to speak down to us and educated us on a subject about which we ourselves are educated and experienced, and the merit you see in your own position might be more communicable with us being more open to it.

      That’s only a suggestion, though some might say a good suggestion. Peace be with you.

    • michaelseblux

      Hey there Andrew, it’s nice to see that you’re paying attention to Rev. Erik’s theological background and social circle. If you’re in the area, I think you guys would get along really well. Also, I think that he’s doing a really fascinating job in his own way of liberating the darkness into the light. Naturally, alchemical processes such as these require careful external and internal observation until the distillation can yield a positive result. Even if the doesn’t succeed, his Church assures that, “There are indications that at least some portion of the darkness of the universe will go into a state of purificatory suspension to be redeemed in some future cycle. Other indications intimate that much of such darkness, particularly the material (HYLIC) world will be dissolved so that its existence will only have been an accident in limitless time.” His trust, like my trust, in God is that things will happen when they happen but that’s no excuse to not work on it today. How about that card reading?

  2. Jay

    Look, Erik, you have your very own stalker! How else would he have discovered your “bombshell” secret about still having a profile on a Pagan social network? And for the record, Pagans are hardly “Godless” – we have Many, while you are left with your petty demiurge to worship. Go back to Catholic school, you twit!

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