Little Office of the Blessed Sophia

Little Office of the Blessed Sophia

If any of you are on Facebook, here’s the official Facebook page (because everything needs a Facebook page!) for The Little Office of the Blessed Sophia. Feel free to like it and share it, and check back often for updates. The Little Office should, God willing, be released this month. I also hope to make the page a place to share biographies of the saints commemorated in the Office, as well as various other Gnostic topics of interest.

In imitation of the Divine Office and the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this book of hours contains a daily cycle of prayer specifically for Gnostics, in honor of the Most Holy Sophia. Centered around the Odes of Solomon, rather than the Psalms of David, the five offices in this book also include various other prayers, canticles, hymns, and readings from scripture. Additionally, there are commemorations for over 100 feast days of saints, along with other major holy days. It’s my hope that this book will be something others can carry with them, and that it will aid them in their prayer lives.



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7 responses to “Little Office of the Blessed Sophia

  1. Reblogged this on Craving Aletheia and commented:
    The Little Office of the Blessed Sophia: perfect for those who submit to and adore Most Holy Wisdom.

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  3. Andrew

    *Everything* needs a Facebook page? That’s them archons talking, dude. 😉

    But to be frank, I am dearly looking forward to this. Although I am ambivalent at best regarding the present-day fragmentary and sorcerous and unserious “modern Gnostic movement”, however ecclesiastical, relative to actual Grace and to the actual Will of God in this age, I would use this as my daily prayer book. I like what I have already seen of it. It will serve as a real contribution.

  4. Andrew

    Call for advice: If I’m a fairly orthodox-sympathetic Gnostic who sees a lot of gnosis in the mainstream church, and does not care for magic, should I just go to Catholic church already?

  5. Andrew

    How did today come to be the set date for the festival of H. Saturninus of Antioch?

    • Well conveniently, there’s also a Catholic saint by the same name, who was the first bishop of Toulouse, France. His feast day is Nov. 29, and Fr. Troy Pierce+ borrowed that day for Saturninus of Antioch in his Gnostic Calendar that he used to publish. 🙂

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