Twelfth Day of Christmas: God Created Man in His Own Image

The Twelfth Day of Christmas
Evening of January 5th

Tonight we celebrate the last day of Christmas before Epiphany, and meditate on the qualities of Pisces: adaptability, generosity, openness to emotions, receptivity, affection, and honesty; and on the negative side, scatter-brained, needy, intense, unreliability, unmotivated, gullible, indecisive.  This day is also associated St. Peter, who, through his faith, became a rock of initiation.  While meditating, feel free to visualize the symbol of Pisces displayed below, focus on an icon or holy card of St. Peter, or simply light a pink candle.

Read the following scripture, and then focus on the negative qualities of Pisces that you recognize in yourself.

“So God created man in His own image.” – Genesis 1:27

Knowing that you can move past these negative aspects of yourself, read the following scripture, and meditate upon the positive qualities of Pisces you possess.  Remember that we are the very image of the Divine, and as God possesses all qualities, it is in balancing the positive and negative that we can realize our own divine nature.  It is the illusory nature of this world that causes us to divide pairs of opposites into “this” and “that,” but the reconciliation of opposites is assuredly the foundation – the rock – of True Initiation.  Can a foundation stone be anything but balanced?  It’s fitting on this night before Epiphany to seek this “rock,” as some may be preparing to receive the initiatory sacrament of Baptism tomorrow, while others may be recalling our own baptism, and what receiving this holy sacrament truly means.

“He is perfect, the invisible God to whom one speaks in silence: His image is moved when it is directed, and it governs.Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth


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