Eighth Day of Christmas: Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

The Eighth Day of Christmas
Evening of January 1st

Tonight we meditate on the qualities of Scorpio: intensity, determination, passion, intuition, power, rebirth; and on the negative side, jealousy, introversion, distrustfulness, tendency toward pride.  This day is also associated St. John the Beloved.  Transmutation was the keynote of his life, and he progressed so far in the divine science of transmuting matter into spirit, that some say he never knew death.  While meditating, feel free to visualize the symbol of Scorpio displayed below, focus on an icon or holy card of St. John, or simply light a brown candle.

Read the following scripture, and then focus on the negative qualities of Scorpio that you recognize in yourself.  It’s interesting that some of the “negative” qualities here also have the capability of being positive, and some of the “positive” qualities can, in fact, become quite negative.  For these meditations, don’t stick strictly to the negative/positive separation presented here – rather, consider both aspects of qualities such as passion, power, pride, and introversion.

Do not, then, let terms trouble thee; action and passion are both the selfsame thing. ” – Corpus Hermeticum, 12:11

Knowing that you can move beyond these negative aspects of yourself, read the following scripture, and meditate upon the positive qualities of Scorpio you possess.  St. John’s association with transmutation, and Scorpio’s quality of rebirth are closely related.  At this time when we welcome the new solar year of the civil calendar, let the dross matter that is weighing you down burn away, and be reborn.  St. John is the perfect model for the inner tradition of Christianity – he alone listened to the heartbeat of God, as he rested his head upon His chest.  Remember that introversion is not really a bad quality, for turning inward and being still is the only way we will ever be able to hear the heartbeat of God for ourselves.

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” – Matthew 5:8


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