Seventh Day of Christmas: Ye Shall Know the Truth

A happy and joyous New Year to you all! Before presenting the Christmas meditation for today, I’d like to start out with a prayer for the new year, from the Lectionary of the Ecclesia Gnostica, which I find to be very beautiful:

“O Omnipotent God, who fillest and dost govern the immensity of worlds which have come forth from Thee; Thou verily art the eternal new-born Child, and yet Thou art the Ancient of Days! Thou hast veiled Thine ineffable glory and splendor in the garment of time, and the cloak of space; Thou wilt transform all things so that they might return unto Thee, to Thy timeless essence. We dedicate our lives to Thee, and we resolve to so live throughout this year, that Thy glory might increase, and fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. Amen.”

The Seventh Day of Christmas
Evening of December 31st

Tonight we meditate on the qualities of Libra: Justice, Charm, Perception, Idealism, Refinery, and Diplomacy; and on the negative side, narcissism, bossiness, desire for popularity.  This day is also associated with St. Jude Thaddeus, minister of the beautiful, and patron of impossible cases.  While meditating, feel free to visualize the symbol of Libra displayed below, focus on an icon or holy card of St. Jude, or simply light a dark red candle.

Read the following scripture, and then focus on the negative qualities of Libra that you recognize in yourself.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8: 32

Knowing that you can move beyond these aspects of yourself, read the following scripture, and meditate upon the positive qualities of Libra you possess.  Always see the beauty in the world, even when it may be obscured – it’s always there.  As is written in the Gospel of Thomas: “Cleave a piece of wood and I am there, lift up a stone and you will find me there,” and “The kingdom of heaven is spread out upon the earth, but men do not see it.”  Just as St. Jude has accomplished impossible miracles, you too are capable of seemingly impossible feats, and transforming the world so that its inner beauty may shine forth.

“Most blessed sight were it, my son, to see all these beneath one sway – the motionless in motion, and the unmanifest made manifest; whereby is made this order of the cosmos and the cosmos which we see of order.” – Corpus Hermeticum, 5:5


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