Sixth Day of Christmas: He That is Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant

The Sixth Day of Christmas
Evening of December 30th

Tonight we meditate on the qualities of Virgo: purity, service, diligence, self-sufficiency, freedom-loving, order, modesty; and on the negative side, materialism, hypochondria.  This day is also associated with St. James the Just, brother of Jude and Simon.  St. James represents purity of character, and consecration to selfless service, a theme which can be easily seen in his epistle.  While meditating, feel free to visualize the symbol of Virgo displayed below, focus on an icon or holy card of St. James, or simply light a gold candle.

Read the following scripture, and then focus on the negative qualities of Virgo that you recognize in yourself.

“But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” – Matthew 23:11

Knowing that you can transform these aspects of yourself, read the following scripture, and meditate upon the positive qualities of Virgo you possess, and how they apply to your life.  After having “put off the old man” yesterday, we can dedicate ourselves to purity and selflessness by following the example of James, “for whose sake heaven and earth came into being” (Thomas 12).

Gnosis of Joy hath come to us, and on its coming, son, sorrow will flee away to them who give it room. The Power that follows Joy do I invoke, thy Self-control. O Power most sweet! Let us most gladly bid it welcome, son! How with its coming doth it chase Intemperance away!”Corpus Hermeticum, 13:8


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