Fourth Sunday of Advent: Love

Tomorrow is the fourth and final Sunday of Advent, when we light the last candle on our Advent wreaths – but don’t put those wreaths away just yet, because there will be one more candle-lighting ritual in celebration of the Nativity of the Light on Christmas Day.  I hope that you have had a beautiful and stress-free Advent season, and may the peace of Christ our Indwelling Lord be with you all!

Intent:  The Nature of the Redeemer

Pray:  In the name of the + Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

℣. O Emmanuel, Christ, desire of all people, come and dwell within our hearts.  Fill us with Thy love.

℟. Amen.

Let us pray. O Thou our Redeeming Power, our minds have not ceased thinking of Thy wonders; our thought hath not swerved from searching Thy secrets. Our insight hath not moved from aspiring to Thy mysteries; nor hath our counsel ever moved from seeking Thy marvels. Our wills have arisen desiring to comprehend Thee, our Lord. We long to see Thy brilliant countenance, O ever-coming Lord!

All four candles are lit in order, and O Come Emmanuel may be sung, followed by a time of personal meditation on the Nature of the Redeemer.

A reading from the Holy Prophet Mani:  When men asked for the Redeemer, and the Mother of Life, the first Man and the Spirit of Life decided to send to their children One who should free them, and save them: to show them the knowledge and the righteousness, and rescue them from evil. Being kindly, and filled with pity, the Good Father sent from His bosom His beloved Son into the heart of the earth, and into its lowest parts for the saving of souls. While coming, the Son changed Himself into the form of man, and He appeared to men as a man, being no man; and men fancied him to have been born.

Alleluia, alleluia. Veni, Domine, et noli tardare: relaxa facinora plebis tuæ Israel. Alleluia.

(Alleluia, alleluia. Come, O Lord, and tarry not: forgive the sins of Thy people Israel. Alleluia.)



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